Five Rivers Camp

Meet the Nomadic Herders

An exciting way to experience some parts of nomadic life. Milking a goat and making a traditional sweet and cheese with the milk. Can you imagine, within just 10 minutes you’ll have handmade cheese, Isn’t that cool? And there are many different activities you will enjoy with this special full-day program.

Astronomical Observations

At Five Rivers Tour Camp, under one of the most beautiful star ceilings, travel up to the stars thanks to our CELESTRON DELUXE HD800 telescope.

Celestron’s top-performing altazimuth telescope system, the CPC Deluxe HD, is a favorite among experienced amateur astronomers and the preferred telescope of Stephen Hawking. 8-inch EdgeHD optical tube provides stunning views and sharp astro-images free of visual defects. NexStar+ hand control and internal GPS guides users through the simple SkyAlign setup and features a 40,000+ object database.

Fulfill your childhood dream… Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground!

Basin of Many Rivers by Motorboat

Head north along the Basin of Many rivers. Visit the Buur Rock over the convergence of Delgermurun and Ider rivers. These two gigantic rivers merge into the Selenge river, the biggest river of Mongolia. Just observing how the Selenge river emerges from the collision of tons of water, making straight narrow line and not blending into each other, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There are marvelous photo shooting opportunities to make those moments unforgettable. Taking a motorboat ride is the only way to see the confluences of the Five Rivers area.

Horse Riding

Depending on your horse riding skills, you may enjoy a horse riding trip of 1-3 hours along the Basin of Many Rivers. We also offer trips to the Basin of Bugdgeen, “Zuna River” deer stones, or the old temple of Bugsei, all of them passing through extraordinary beautiful natural landscapes. The trips can follow one-day or multiple-day tour routes, and the itinerary details can be adjusted according to your wishes.

We offer horse trips with local experienced guide to facilitate safety of your journey. You can also conveniently choose among the Western, Aussie and UK/Sport style.

Open Air Lunch

Around 2 km in radius from our lodge, guests can have open-air lunch with full service. Sipping a glass of wine and having memorable talk with your close ones while enjoying with the view of natural formation.


Paddle on the crystal clear waters. It’s not very difficult so you will definitely enjoy it even if you are an inexperienced kayaker. Your team may take part in a Kayak Day Trip which starts from the spot 15-30 km from the Camp, depending on which river you choose (Ider river or Delgermurun). The transport by vehicle to the starting spot of the Kayak trip is included.

 Fresh water adventure and sport
A half day or full day trips
 Unforgettable memories
 Delicious picnic lunch buffet


Bike along the Bugsei River and the Chargait Mountain Valley. It is a true joy and pleasure. You will be biking individually. Depending on your interest, you may go on a biking trip of 1-3 hours or more. Feel and enjoy the beauty of nature all around you.


Hike in the Chargait Mountain Valley and climb up the Borvit Mountain from the West. It takes approximately 3 hours. There are amazing panoramic views over the convergence of five rivers. Stunning photo shooting opportunities guaranteed!

Tsutgalan Cliffs

A whole day trip to Tsutgalan Cliffs (45km from the lodge). One of the highest and gigantic river cliffs in Mongolia. Unique and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and rivers. Open air picnic lunch included. We bet this will be a great experience for those who seek to discover vast untouched territories of Mongolian wilderness. Make sure that you have your camera with you and fully-charged. Night around the open fire for you to share with others your thoughts and feelings from the whole day.