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Five Rivers Camp

Welcome to Five Rivers Camp!

Five Rivers Camp is located in the famous beautiful place named “Olon goliin Belchir” which means “The Basin of Many Rivers“, due to the confluence of five rivers: Delgermurun, Bugsei, Ider and Chuluut rivers that make the head of the Selenge Murun (the biggest river of Mongolia).

We are surrounded by the beautiful and quiet nature, far from noises of the metropolis. The place is very special due to its combination of the many rivers and the proximity of a number of mountains – Khangai Mountains, Khoridol Saridag and Erchim Mountains. Offering the utmost in comfort, we provide well-organized tours around extraordinary locations with limited number of tour participants to allow for a sense of peace and privacy for our guests.


49°16’09.3″N, 100°40’44.1″E
49.269250, 100.678917




Distance from Ulaanbaatar: 900 km
Option 1: 1h30 by plane to Murun from UB and 2h30 to Five Rivers Geolodge from Murun airport by 4×4 SUV
Option 2: First day, 6h drive from Ulaanbaatar by 4×4 SUV, overnight at the camp nearby the shore of Selenge river. Second day, 4h drive to Five Rivers Geolodge by 4×4 SUV

Distance from Murun: 110 km
2h30 by 4×4 SUV, 3h by minibus

Have a look at Five Rivers from the bird’s-eye view: