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Sweet Gobi Geolodge

Welcome to Sweet Gobi!

Tucked just a few kilometres away from the geographical centre of Mongolia, the Sweet Gobi Geolodge offers a unique view of the golden sand dunes of Elsen Tasarhai (Central Gobi – Ovorhangai region). To the northwest lie the sacred mounts of Khogno Khan, revered for centuries by the local Mongolian population as a place of worship for shamans and Buddhist monks. On horse or camelback, ride off to Urga, the ancient Mongolian capital, or go on an excursion to the Erdene Khamba and Ovgon Monasteries at 40 minutes by car. For the beauty of local landscapes and the richness of fauna and flora, we invite nature enthusiasts to hike around the Tara Lake, in the Batkhaan Mountains, along the Bayanturuun Riverbank, or a bit further away around the Oguii Lake.


47°17’8″N 103°55’58”E (DMS – Degrees Minutes Secondes) N47.28500 E103.93300 (Decimals)




Distance from Ulaanbaatar: 260 km
1h by a private plane, 3h30 by 4×4 Land Cruiser, or 4h30 by minibus

Distance from Karakorum: 100 km
1h30 by 4×4 Land Cruiser, or 2h by minibus

Distance from Ursa Major Geolodge: 160 km 
2h30 to 3h by car