Anja Camp

Yurt Restaurant: Fresh from the Garden!

In our yurt restaurant, you can try quality European and Mongolian dishes cooked by the owner and her team. Fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits from our greenhouse, home-made fresh bread and bakery, as well as fresh milk and other dairy products are available on the menu. The restaurant is open from 7AM to 11 PM, and free Wi-Fi is available.

And for Breakfast?

Enjoy a combination of classic European and Mongolian breakfast: Fresh home-made bread and pancakes, fresh morning milk and yogurt supplied by contracted local herders, as well as jam made from wild fruits and wild rhubarb (Rheum). This magic plant has been used in Asia for more than 2000 years for both medical and culinary purposes as it is believed to have curing effects on many diseases.

Souvenir Shop

Almost everyone wants to keep something, a small item or a little gift, as memory of a place they visited. At Anja Ger Camp, we understand this and have a souvenir shop ready for you. Stop by and pick a present for yourself, your family or friends. We are proud to cooperate with local herders and souvenir makers and sell their products nonprofit. This way you can also be sure that your presents will be special and unique.

Our partners are:
• “Ar Arvidjin Delgerekh” – a cooperative for products from the Arkhangai region;
Nomads Souvenir LLC;
Souvenirs made by schoolchildren of Kharhorin sum – supported by Japan NGO
Sea buckthorn products from the Uvs region – Western Mongolian products

Products of the “Ar Arvidjin Delgerekh” Cooperative

Yaks wool products at our camp: In order to secure their income and to protect their traditions and their ecosystems, families of yak herders from the Khangai Mountains decided to set up a Cooperative in 2010. It follows the philosophy of sustainability and fair trade. By applying a process involving several stages of combing, sorting, checking and meticulous dehairing, the Cooperative has become the first organization to export Baby Yak Down with qualities now recognized even by the luxury textiles industry. Technically competitive thanks to their length and softness, the fibers are used by spinning and weaving businesses both in Mongolia and in export markets. The Ar Arvidjin Delgerekh Cooperative has seen a steady rise in exports of Hand Combed Baby Yak Down to Europe. Promoting this down helps sustain and improve the livelihoods of herders who are members of the Cooperative.

Make Yourself at Home: Everything You Need to Feel Comfortable

Mini Library

We established a reading corner in the restaurant yurt. Our books as well as books left to us by our guests are kept there, and you are very welcome to read and enjoy them, or to exchange and contribute with new books. If you have a book you have already finished reading, drop it off at our book collection. You can also leave a message, a suggestion or a comment for the next reader! There are also lots of non-exchanging books about the culture, history and life style of nomadic people.

Showers and Bathrooms

Need to be clean and fresh to continue your trip after the long ride on the dusty roads? At Anja Ger Camp, you will find everything to clean yourself; there are hot showers, toilets and eco-toilets, and even the laundry.


We participate in several ecological projects, and try to be very conscious of our environment and its protection. In our garden and all around our camp, we plant and take care of many kinds of trees, bushes and flowers, and there are many kinds of fruits and berries growing in our backyard. You are invited to relax at our small pond surrounded by flowers, and enjoy the beautiful ambiance that we are trying to create and maintain.