18 Aug

“The Maybe is Certain” contemporary art show in cooperation with NEW CENTURY ART association

18 August 2020

The OONH Gallery is excited to announce that we have the honor to collaborate with a group of Mongolia’s top modern & contemporary artists, the NEW CENTURY ART association, to host “The Maybe is Certain” contemporary art evening in our Ursa Major Geolodge in the heart of the Orkhon Valley.

Our partner NEW CENTURY ART association is a non-governmental organization founded upon the unification of young fine artists in 2006 with the aim to serve society with fresh mind and masterpieces, and has been constantly holding its activities since its establishment.

Each year they have been organizing “NEW ART”, a modern art exhibition, as a tradition for more than 5 years, in a fruitful and up-to-date way, in order to bring and accommodate a new trend into the Mongolian fine arts. Their artists attend both domestic and international exhibitions and programs regularly & successfully; including the Mongolian Transylvanian artists exchange program, Yatoo International Artist in Residence Program, Global Nomadic Art Project, Land Art Mongolia Biennale, “Sand Tsunami” exhibition among many others.

Their main goal is to introduce modern art to the general public, including amateur artists and the younger generation. Furthermore, they are working to implement projects concerning the protection of Nature and Mother Earth, their most beautiful muse!

Set to take place through 23rd to 25th of August 2020, ”The Maybe is Certain” event will be a soulful getaway for the modern art enthusiasts from the bustling modern life into the peaceful nature for a thought-provoking performance and land art installations inside the Geolodge, which will remain in the location to stay!

Throughout the art event, a specially constructed art installation entirely made up of natural components by will be presented to the public, while a one-night-only modern art performance & calligraphy show will take place on the evening of the 24th August. Amarsaikhan NAMSRAIJAV, Luvsandorj RAGCHAA, Chinzorig RYENCHIN-OCHIR, Munkhtuya ALYEKSANDR & Erdenebaatar CHOIBAATAR are some of the participating artists in the show.

This artful excursion will be the first of many in the future, as we, the OONH Gallery, and the NEW CENTURY ART association artists have come together for a mission to broaden the scope of Modern art in Mongolia, and to make Contemporary art an interactive & unforgettable experience in the Mongolian nomadic land!

Discover some of the contemporary artworks done by the NEW CENTURY ART association artists: