1 Sep

VIDEO: Dark Sky Fest 2021 at Sweet Gobi Geolodge

1 September 2021

Light pollution is increasing in densely populated areas around the world and continues to have a negative impact on human-nature and the environment. But when u visit the vast steppes of Mongolia at night, it turns into a sacred place with rare stars on Earth.

On the occasion of “Perseid Meteor Rain”, we welcomed a special interest trip to celebrate “DARK SKY FEST 2021” or Mongolian Stars Festival with a small number of people.

Travel through the nature of tantra ! The tour took place at Sweet Gobi, our geoolodge located in the Khugnu Tarna National Park, with no light pollution and deep dark skies.

“Mongolian night sky show you the wonders of the world” – Mankind has been studying and learning to understand the origin of the universe and its meaning. During this trip, we visited the world of astronomy and observed the stars and planets with professional binoculars with the help of an astronomer. Look at the planet with our MEADE LX 200 ACF astronomical telescope, which has the highest capacity in the country

To know more about this project, check the website of Dark Sky Mongolia