9 Sep


9 September 2021

What3Words is an addressing system developed in 2013 that revolutionizes how we location information. They divided the globe into areas of 3m² identifiable by random three words separated by dots. We quickly understand the value of this system to easily locate a place off the beaten track, whether in an urban environment or in the countryside.

In Mongolia, this is quite simply the most effective way to find a site lost in the immensity of the steppes, where there is obviously no official address. Mongolian Post has been using this system since 2016.

Of course, there are geographic coordinates, but they are not easily communicated between people, difficult to copy and share since two writing standards coexist with high possibility of error (Degrees Minutes Seconds or Decimals, resulting in pins tens of kilometres apart).

The three words of What3Words are easy to remember as the system adapts to 48 different languages, which avoids errors when spoken. Also, it works in perfect harmony with the most commonly used applications like Waze, Google Maps or Bing Maps which makes it an efficient means for deliveries or emergency situations as the app can work offline.

For example, our Sweet Gobi geolodge has the following geographic coordinates:

47 °17’8 “N 103 °55’58” E (DMS – Degrees Minutes Seconds)
N47.28500 E103.93300 (Decimals)

With what3words everything is simpler:

///springing.impaled.clippers (English)
///тэнцүүг.адал.дээвэртэй (Mongolian)
///relieur.pittoresquement.payante (French)
///打扫卫生.悬疑小说.产量 (Chinese)