9 Apr

JIGJIDSUREN Bayarmaa – Head of Sweet Gobi Geolodge

9 April 2020

Bayarmaa JIGJIDSUREN was born in eastern Mongolia, in the birthplace of Genghis Khan. She has three children and 5 grandchildren. Even though she started her career as a seamstress, tourism always attracted her. In 2003, she followed her dream and joined the industry. She has been the geolodge manager ever since Sweet Gobi was founded. Being back in the steppe after the long winter, makes her feel free and joyful. Bayarmaa is very outgoing and has great relations with both guests and employees. That is probably how she manages to sustain a harmonious working environment at the lodge thanks to which her team has remained almost unchanged from the very beginning. She is proud of working at Sweet Gobi where the landscape is a mix of Gobi and Khangai Mountains. Bayarmma is definitely looking forward to welcome you there!